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Benefits of Moving into a Senior Living Facility

Is it the right time to make that move or not?  This is a tough decision that is not taken lightly. It may be discussed with loved ones. It is a topic of conversation with Senior Living Directors. It is talked about with others who have had experience living in a Senior Living Community, or who have family that is living in Senior Housing.  Senior Living Communities have benefits that you might not have considered.


  1. Safety: It is possible that any of us could have an accident. Studies from the CDC show that one in four older adults 65 and over are prone to fall.  In a Senior Living Community someone is always there to help you with any accidents. The average response time for a 911 call is 10 minutes when you could have someone there to help you immediately. 

  2. Healthy Activities: Chair yoga, chair exercises, and walking club are just a few of the exercises that are provided at Senior Living Communities. The routine of exercise in your daily routine can improve medical conditions like high blood pressure and memory loss. An active lifestyle can help improve the immune and digestive system and strengthen your core. According to the CDC, only 16.3% of adults between the ages of 65 and 75 and only 9.9% of adults over 75 meet the aerobic and muscle strengthening Physical Activity Guidelines.
  3. Socialization: Many are not aware of the health benefits of socializing with others. It is more than learning about other people or discussing the local news. Socialization can also improve your overall health. According to a study that was published in The Journals of Gerontology, they found that Senior Living Communities can maximize socialization, happiness and quality of life. 
  4. Nutrition: Senior Living Communities follow the USDA’S recommended guidelines for the Chef-prepared meals they serve. Any worry you may have of getting all the nutrition that your body needs can be put to rest. According to the National Resource Center of Nutrition and Aging, more than 5.5 million seniors are food insecure or malnourished. Having the right diet can also help maintain weight control, improve your memory and improve your mood. 

At Garden Place Senior Living we know how hard this decision can be to make for families. That is why giving you some of the benefits of Senior Living can hopefully help make this choice easier for you.  To learn more, call Jaysa Pfaff at (618)971-7706 or email us at


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